Symphony in P

At least no one started tap dancing.

Leon Stands Up in the Wardrobe

In a stand-up set filmed at the Wardrobe Theatre’s Chuckle Busters night, Leon reveals the secret of how to find your nemesis.

Apologies to video nerds for the lower than usual video quality. We haven’t managed to send a cameraman along to one of Leon’s gigs yet, and he’s going to be out of the country for a few months, so we figured we’d use the best recording we could while we still had the chance. The stand-up itself is of excellent quality!


Aggregate: The Pilot Episode

If they DO make a Zelda TV series, may I request that the part of Navi is played by Mr T.

As the name implies, we’re planning on developing this into a series. There may actually be a few pilot episodes before we launch the main series, as we spend more time on the graphics and develop some running jokes and recurring segments. There are a lot of directions we could take the concept in, so please let us know what you’d like to see.


Behind the Squirrel

Thereby hangs a tail.

This week Vikkie takes us behind the scenes of The Part of a Lifetime, our rodent-themed homage to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It took a while to get all the fur attached and weight the tail correctly, but I think it paid off.

I’m pleased to see Marvel have just started a new Squirrel Girl ongoing comic series, so who knows? Maybe they do have plans to bring everyone’s favourite bushy-tailed babysitter to the silver screen. In which case please tweet this video and the original sketch at Marvel Comics and Joss Whedon incessantly, because holy crap that would be awesome.

For reference (and ease of tweeting at Marvel) here’s the sketch itself:

This is Your Brain on Toast

What a rarebit of luck! The police will want to give this suspect a good grilling.

Not the Podcast 16 : The Americas

In which Alex, Mike and Vikkie discuss the America videos, writing styles and developing sequels.

The Part of a Lifetime

“I don”t need online casinos luck. I eat nuts.”

An Actual Message To Our Audience

December is Ask WHY Questions Month!

America 102

Mike and Vikkie are back from California, and some of their stories may even be true.